IssueEvent represents an event that occurred around an Issue or Pull Request.

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type IssueEvent struct {
	ID  *int    `json:"id,omitempty"`
	URL *string `json:"url,omitempty"`

	// The User that generated this event.
	Actor *User `json:"actor,omitempty"`

	// Event identifies the actual type of Event that occurred.  Possible
	// values are:
	//     closed
	//       The Actor closed the issue.
	//       If the issue was closed by commit message, CommitID holds the SHA1 hash of the commit.
	//     merged
	//       The Actor merged into master a branch containing a commit mentioning the issue.
	//       CommitID holds the SHA1 of the merge commit.
	//     referenced
	//       The Actor committed to master a commit mentioning the issue in its commit message.
	//       CommitID holds the SHA1 of the commit.
	//     reopened, locked, unlocked
	//       The Actor did that to the issue.
	//     renamed
	//       The Actor changed the issue title from Rename.From to Rename.To.
	//     mentioned
	//       Someone unspecified @mentioned the Actor [sic] in an issue comment body.
	//     assigned, unassigned
	//       The Actor assigned the issue to or removed the assignment from the Assignee.
	//     labeled, unlabeled
	//       The Actor added or removed the Label from the issue.
	//     milestoned, demilestoned
	//       The Actor added or removed the issue from the Milestone.
	//     subscribed, unsubscribed
	//       The Actor subscribed to or unsubscribed from notifications for an issue.
	//     head_ref_deleted, head_ref_restored
	//       The pull request’s branch was deleted or restored.
	Event *string `json:"event,omitempty"`

	CreatedAt *time.Time `json:"created_at,omitempty"`
	Issue     *Issue     `json:"issue,omitempty"`

	// Only present on certain events; see above.
	Assignee  *User      `json:"assignee,omitempty"`
	CommitID  *string    `json:"commit_id,omitempty"`
	Milestone *Milestone `json:"milestone,omitempty"`
	Label     *Label     `json:"label,omitempty"`
	Rename    *Rename    `json:"rename,omitempty"`