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If this SourceCodeInfo represents a complete declaration, these are any comments appearing before and after the declaration which appear to be attached to the declaration.

A series of line comments appearing on consecutive lines, with no other tokens appearing on those lines, will be treated as a single comment.

leading_detached_comments will keep paragraphs of comments that appear before (but not connected to) the current element. Each paragraph, separated by empty lines, will be one comment element in the repeated field.

Only the comment content is provided; comment markers (e.g. //) are stripped out. For block comments, leading whitespace and an asterisk will be stripped from the beginning of each line other than the first. Newlines are included in the output.


optional int32 foo = 1;  // Comment attached to foo.
// Comment attached to bar.
optional int32 bar = 2;

optional string baz = 3;
// Comment attached to baz.
// Another line attached to baz.

// Comment attached to qux.
// Another line attached to qux.
optional double qux = 4;

// Detached comment for corge. This is not leading or trailing comments
// to qux or corge because there are blank lines separating it from
// both.

// Detached comment for corge paragraph 2.

optional string corge = 5;
/* Block comment attached
 * to corge.  Leading asterisks
 * will be removed. */
/* Block comment attached to
 * grault. */
optional int32 grault = 6;

// ignored detached comments.