Describes a field within a message.


type FieldDescriptorProto struct {
	Name   *string                     `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=name" json:"name,omitempty"`
	Number *int32                      `protobuf:"varint,3,opt,name=number" json:"number,omitempty"`
	Label  *FieldDescriptorProto_Label `protobuf:"varint,4,opt,name=label,enum=google.protobuf.FieldDescriptorProto_Label" json:"label,omitempty"`
	// If type_name is set, this need not be set.  If both this and type_name
	// are set, this must be one of TYPE_ENUM, TYPE_MESSAGE or TYPE_GROUP.
	Type *FieldDescriptorProto_Type `protobuf:"varint,5,opt,name=type,enum=google.protobuf.FieldDescriptorProto_Type" json:"type,omitempty"`
	// For message and enum types, this is the name of the type.  If the name
	// starts with a '.', it is fully-qualified.  Otherwise, C++-like scoping
	// rules are used to find the type (i.e. first the nested types within this
	// message are searched, then within the parent, on up to the root
	// namespace).
	TypeName *string `protobuf:"bytes,6,opt,name=type_name,json=typeName" json:"type_name,omitempty"`
	// For extensions, this is the name of the type being extended.  It is
	// resolved in the same manner as type_name.
	Extendee *string `protobuf:"bytes,2,opt,name=extendee" json:"extendee,omitempty"`
	// For numeric types, contains the original text representation of the value.
	// For booleans, "true" or "false".
	// For strings, contains the default text contents (not escaped in any way).
	// For bytes, contains the C escaped value.  All bytes >= 128 are escaped.
	// TODO(kenton):  Base-64 encode?
	DefaultValue *string `protobuf:"bytes,7,opt,name=default_value,json=defaultValue" json:"default_value,omitempty"`
	// If set, gives the index of a oneof in the containing type's oneof_decl
	// list.  This field is a member of that oneof.
	OneofIndex *int32 `protobuf:"varint,9,opt,name=oneof_index,json=oneofIndex" json:"oneof_index,omitempty"`
	// JSON name of this field. The value is set by protocol compiler. If the
	// user has set a "json_name" option on this field, that option's value
	// will be used. Otherwise, it's deduced from the field's name by converting
	// it to camelCase.
	JsonName         *string       `protobuf:"bytes,10,opt,name=json_name,json=jsonName" json:"json_name,omitempty"`
	Options          *FieldOptions `protobuf:"bytes,8,opt,name=options" json:"options,omitempty"`
	XXX_unrecognized []byte        `json:"-"`