KeepAlive marks its argument as currently reachable. This ensures that the object is not freed, and its finalizer is not run, before the point in the program where KeepAlive is called.

A very simplified example showing where KeepAlive is required:

type File struct { d int }
d, err := syscall.Open("/file/path", syscall.O_RDONLY, 0)
// ... do something if err != nil ...
p := &File{d}
runtime.SetFinalizer(p, func(p *File) { syscall.Close(p.d) })
var buf [10]byte
n, err := syscall.Read(p.d, buf[:])
// Ensure p is not finalized until Read returns.
// No more uses of p after this point.

Without the KeepAlive call, the finalizer could run at the start of syscall.Read, closing the file descriptor before syscall.Read makes the actual system call.

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