Expand appends template to dst and returns the result; during the append, Expand replaces variables in the template with corresponding matches drawn from src. The match slice should have been returned by FindSubmatchIndex.

In the template, a variable is denoted by a substring of the form $name or ${name}, where name is a non-empty sequence of letters, digits, and underscores. A purely numeric name like $1 refers to the submatch with the corresponding index; other names refer to capturing parentheses named with the (?P<name>...) syntax. A reference to an out of range or unmatched index or a name that is not present in the regular expression is replaced with an empty slice.

In the $name form, name is taken to be as long as possible: $1x is equivalent to ${1x}, not ${1}x, and, $10 is equivalent to ${10}, not ${1}0.

To insert a literal $ in the output, use $$ in the template.