WalkFunc is the type of the function called for each file or directory visited by Walk. The path argument contains the argument to Walk as a prefix; that is, if Walk is called with "dir", which is a directory containing the file "a", the walk function will be called with argument "dir/a". The info argument is the os.FileInfo for the named path.

If there was a problem walking to the file or directory named by path, the incoming error will describe the problem and the function can decide how to handle that error (and Walk will not descend into that directory). If an error is returned, processing stops. The sole exception is when the function returns the special value SkipDir. If the function returns SkipDir when invoked on a directory, Walk skips the directory's contents entirely. If the function returns SkipDir when invoked on a non-directory file, Walk skips the remaining files in the containing directory.

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