Pos is a compact encoding of a source position within a file set. It can be converted into a Position for a more convenient, but much larger, representation.

The Pos value for a given file is a number in the range [base, base+size], where base and size are specified when adding the file to the file set via AddFile.

To create the Pos value for a specific source offset (measured in bytes), first add the respective file to the current file set using FileSet.AddFile and then call File.Pos(offset) for that file. Given a Pos value p for a specific file set fset, the corresponding Position value is obtained by calling fset.Position(p).

Pos values can be compared directly with the usual comparison operators: If two Pos values p and q are in the same file, comparing p and q is equivalent to comparing the respective source file offsets. If p and q are in different files, p < q is true if the file implied by p was added to the respective file set before the file implied by q.