PrintDefaults prints, to standard error unless configured otherwise, a usage message showing the default settings of all defined command-line flags. For an integer valued flag x, the default output has the form

-x int
	usage-message-for-x (default 7)

The usage message will appear on a separate line for anything but a bool flag with a one-byte name. For bool flags, the type is omitted and if the flag name is one byte the usage message appears on the same line. The parenthetical default is omitted if the default is the zero value for the type. The listed type, here int, can be changed by placing a back-quoted name in the flag's usage string; the first such item in the message is taken to be a parameter name to show in the message and the back quotes are stripped from the message when displayed. For instance, given

flag.String("I", "", "search `directory` for include files")

the output will be

-I directory
	search directory for include files.