A Field is a single attribute/value pair in an Entry.

A value can be one of several "attribute classes" defined by DWARF. The Go types corresponding to each class are:

DWARF class       Go type        Class
-----------       -------        -----
address           uint64         ClassAddress
block             []byte         ClassBlock
constant          int64          ClassConstant
flag              bool           ClassFlag
  to info         dwarf.Offset   ClassReference
  to type unit    uint64         ClassReferenceSig
string            string         ClassString
exprloc           []byte         ClassExprLoc
lineptr           int64          ClassLinePtr
loclistptr        int64          ClassLocListPtr
macptr            int64          ClassMacPtr
rangelistptr      int64          ClassRangeListPtr

For unrecognized or vendor-defined attributes, Class may be ClassUnknown.