Multistream controls whether the reader supports multistream files.

If enabled (the default), the Reader expects the input to be a sequence of individually gzipped data streams, each with its own header and trailer, ending at EOF. The effect is that the concatenation of a sequence of gzipped files is treated as equivalent to the gzip of the concatenation of the sequence. This is standard behavior for gzip readers.

Calling Multistream(false) disables this behavior; disabling the behavior can be useful when reading file formats that distinguish individual gzip data streams or mix gzip data streams with other data streams. In this mode, when the Reader reaches the end of the data stream, Read returns io.EOF. If the underlying reader implements io.ByteReader, it will be left positioned just after the gzip stream. To start the next stream, call z.Reset(r) followed by z.Multistream(false). If there is no next stream, z.Reset(r) will return io.EOF.

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