PProf returns the basic pprof report-generation commands

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func PProf(c Completer, interactive **bool) Commands {
	return Commands{
		// Commands that require no post-processing.
		"tags":   {nil, report.Tags, nil, false, "Outputs all tags in the profile"},
		"raw":    {c, report.Raw, nil, false, "Outputs a text representation of the raw profile"},
		"dot":    {c, report.Dot, nil, false, "Outputs a graph in DOT format"},
		"top":    {c, report.Text, nil, false, "Outputs top entries in text form"},
		"tree":   {c, report.Tree, nil, false, "Outputs a text rendering of call graph"},
		"text":   {c, report.Text, nil, false, "Outputs top entries in text form"},
		"disasm": {c, report.Dis, nil, true, "Output annotated assembly for functions matching regexp or address"},
		"list":   {c, report.List, nil, true, "Output annotated source for functions matching regexp"},
		"peek":   {c, report.Tree, nil, true, "Output callers/callees of functions matching regexp"},

		// Save binary formats to a file
		"callgrind": {c, report.Callgrind, awayFromTTY("callgraph.out"), false, "Outputs a graph in callgrind format"},
		"proto":     {c, report.Proto, awayFromTTY("pb.gz"), false, "Outputs the profile in compressed protobuf format"},

		// Generate report in DOT format and postprocess with dot
		"gif": {c, report.Dot, invokeDot("gif"), false, "Outputs a graph image in GIF format"},
		"pdf": {c, report.Dot, invokeDot("pdf"), false, "Outputs a graph in PDF format"},
		"png": {c, report.Dot, invokeDot("png"), false, "Outputs a graph image in PNG format"},
		"ps":  {c, report.Dot, invokeDot("ps"), false, "Outputs a graph in PS format"},

		// Save SVG output into a file after including svgpan library
		"svg": {c, report.Dot, saveSVGToFile(), false, "Outputs a graph in SVG format"},

		// Visualize postprocessed dot output
		"eog":    {c, report.Dot, invokeVisualizer(interactive, invokeDot("svg"), "svg", []string{"eog"}), false, "Visualize graph through eog"},
		"evince": {c, report.Dot, invokeVisualizer(interactive, invokeDot("pdf"), "pdf", []string{"evince"}), false, "Visualize graph through evince"},
		"gv":     {c, report.Dot, invokeVisualizer(interactive, invokeDot("ps"), "ps", []string{"gv --noantialias"}), false, "Visualize graph through gv"},
		"web":    {c, report.Dot, invokeVisualizer(interactive, saveSVGToFile(), "svg", browsers()), false, "Visualize graph through web browser"},

		// Visualize HTML directly generated by report.
		"weblist": {c, report.WebList, invokeVisualizer(interactive, awayFromTTY("html"), "html", browsers()), true, "Output annotated source in HTML for functions matching regexp or address"},