PhaseOption sets the specified flag in the specified ssa phase, returning empty string if this was successful or a string explaining the error if it was not. A version of the phase name with "_" replaced by " " is also checked for a match. If the phase name begins a '~' then the rest of the underscores-replaced-with-blanks version is used as a regular expression to match the phase name(s).

Special cases that have turned out to be useful:

ssa/check/on enables checking after each phase
ssa/all/time enables time reporting for all phases

See gc/lex.go for dissection of the option string. Example uses:

GO_GCFLAGS=-d=ssa/generic_cse/time,ssa/generic_cse/stats,ssa/generic_cse/debug=3 ./make.bash

BOOT_GO_GCFLAGS=-d='ssa/~^.*scc$/off' GO_GCFLAGS='-d=ssa/~^.*scc$/off' ./make.bash

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