A Level encodes the reference state and context applied to (stack, heap) allocated memory.

value is the overall sum of *(1) and &(-1) operations encountered along a path from a destination (sink, return value) to a source (allocation, parameter).

suffixValue is the maximum-copy-started-suffix-level applied to a sink. For example: sink = x.left.left --> level=2, x is dereferenced twice and does not escape to sink. sink = &Node{x} --> level=-1, x is accessible from sink via one "address of" sink = &Node{&Node{x}} --> level=-2, x is accessible from sink via two "address of" sink = &Node{&Node{x.left}} --> level=-1, but x is NOT accessible from sink because it was indirected and then copied. (The copy operations are sometimes implicit in the source code; in this case, value of x.left was copied into a field of a newly allocated Node)

There's one of these for each Node, and the integer values rarely exceed even what can be stored in 4 bits, never mind 8.

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