SplitFunc is the signature of the split function used to tokenize the input. The arguments are an initial substring of the remaining unprocessed data and a flag, atEOF, that reports whether the Reader has no more data to give. The return values are the number of bytes to advance the input and the next token to return to the user, plus an error, if any. If the data does not yet hold a complete token, for instance if it has no newline while scanning lines, SplitFunc can return (0, nil, nil) to signal the Scanner to read more data into the slice and try again with a longer slice starting at the same point in the input.

If the returned error is non-nil, scanning stops and the error is returned to the client.

The function is never called with an empty data slice unless atEOF is true. If atEOF is true, however, data may be non-empty and, as always, holds unprocessed text.

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