Scanner provides a convenient interface for reading data such as a file of newline-delimited lines of text. Successive calls to the Scan method will step through the 'tokens' of a file, skipping the bytes between the tokens. The specification of a token is defined by a split function of type SplitFunc; the default split function breaks the input into lines with line termination stripped. Split functions are defined in this package for scanning a file into lines, bytes, UTF-8-encoded runes, and space-delimited words. The client may instead provide a custom split function.

Scanning stops unrecoverably at EOF, the first I/O error, or a token too large to fit in the buffer. When a scan stops, the reader may have advanced arbitrarily far past the last token. Programs that need more control over error handling or large tokens, or must run sequential scans on a reader, should use bufio.Reader instead.