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type ClusterConfig

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ClusterConfig is a struct to configure the default cluster implementation of gocoql. It has a variety of attributes that can be used to modify the behavior to fit the most common use cases. Applications that require a different setup must implement their own cluster.


type ClusterConfig struct {
	// addresses for the initial connections. It is recomended to use the value set in
	// the Cassandra config for broadcast_address or listen_address, an IP address not
	// a domain name. This is because events from Cassandra will use the configured IP
	// address, which is used to index connected hosts. If the domain name specified
	// resolves to more than 1 IP address then the driver may connect multiple times to
	// the same host, and will not mark the node being down or up from events.
	Hosts             []string
	CQLVersion        string            // CQL version (default: 3.0.0)
	ProtoVersion      int               // version of the native protocol (default: 2)
	Timeout           time.Duration     // connection timeout (default: 600ms)
	Port              int               // port (default: 9042)
	Keyspace          string            // initial keyspace (optional)
	NumConns          int               // number of connections per host (default: 2)
	Consistency       Consistency       // default consistency level (default: Quorum)
	Compressor        Compressor        // compression algorithm (default: nil)
	Authenticator     Authenticator     // authenticator (default: nil)
	RetryPolicy       RetryPolicy       // Default retry policy to use for queries (default: 0)
	SocketKeepalive   time.Duration     // The keepalive period to use, enabled if > 0 (default: 0)
	MaxPreparedStmts  int               // Sets the maximum cache size for prepared statements globally for gocql (default: 1000)
	MaxRoutingKeyInfo int               // Sets the maximum cache size for query info about statements for each session (default: 1000)
	PageSize          int               // Default page size to use for created sessions (default: 5000)
	SerialConsistency SerialConsistency // Sets the consistency for the serial part of queries, values can be either SERIAL or LOCAL_SERIAL (default: unset)
	SslOpts           *SslOptions
	DefaultTimestamp  bool // Sends a client side timestamp for all requests which overrides the timestamp at which it arrives at the server. (default: true, only enabled for protocol 3 and above)
	// PoolConfig configures the underlying connection pool, allowing the
	// configuration of host selection and connection selection policies.
	PoolConfig PoolConfig

	// If not zero, gocql attempt to reconnect known DOWN nodes in every ReconnectSleep.
	ReconnectInterval time.Duration

	// The maximum amount of time to wait for schema agreement in a cluster after
	// receiving a schema change frame. (deault: 60s)
	MaxWaitSchemaAgreement time.Duration

	// HostFilter will filter all incoming events for host, any which don't pass
	// the filter will be ignored. If set will take precedence over any options set
	// via Discovery
	HostFilter HostFilter

	// If IgnorePeerAddr is true and the address in system.peers does not match
	// the supplied host by either initial hosts or discovered via events then the
	// host will be replaced with the supplied address.
	// For example if an event comes in with host= but when looking up that
	// address in system.local or system.peers returns, the peer will be
	// set to which is what will be used to connect to.
	IgnorePeerAddr bool

	// If DisableInitialHostLookup then the driver will not attempt to get host info
	// from the system.peers table, this will mean that the driver will connect to
	// hosts supplied and will not attempt to lookup the hosts information, this will
	// mean that data_centre, rack and token information will not be available and as
	// such host filtering and token aware query routing will not be available.
	DisableInitialHostLookup bool

	// Configure events the driver will register for
	Events struct {
		// disable registering for status events (node up/down)
		DisableNodeStatusEvents bool
		// disable registering for topology events (node added/removed/moved)
		DisableTopologyEvents bool
		// disable registering for schema events (keyspace/table/function removed/created/updated)
		DisableSchemaEvents bool

	// DisableSkipMetadata will override the internal result metadata cache so that the driver does not
	// send skip_metadata for queries, this means that the result will always contain
	// the metadata to parse the rows and will not reuse the metadata from the prepared
	// statement.