Timeout sets a global timeout for all controller actions. The timeout notification is made through the context, it is the responsability of the request handler to handle it. For example:

func (ctrl *Controller) DoLongRunningAction(ctx *DoLongRunningActionContext) error {
	action := NewLongRunning()      // setup long running action
	c := make(chan error, 1)        // create return channel
	go func() { c <- action.Run() } // Launch long running action goroutine
	select {
	case <- ctx.Done():             // timeout triggered
		action.Cancel()         // cancel long running action
		<-c                     // wait for Run to return.
		return ctx.Err()        // retrieve cancel reason
	case err := <-c:   		// action finished on time
		return err  		// forward its return value

Package contains an implementation of an HTTP client which is context-aware:

func (ctrl *Controller) HttpAction(ctx *HttpActionContext) error {
	req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", "", nil)
	// ...
	resp, err := ctxhttp.Do(ctx, nil, req) // returns if timeout triggers
	// ...

Controller actions can check if a timeout is set by calling the context Deadline method.

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