Header represents a header parameter.

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		// Headers is a list of headers that are sent with the response.
		Headers map[string]*Header `json:"headers,omitempty"`
		// Ref references a global API response.
		// This field is exclusive with the other fields of Response.
		Ref string `json:"$ref,omitempty"`
		// Extensions defines the swagger extensions.
		Extensions map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`

	// Header represents a header parameter.
	Header struct {
		// Description is`a brief description of the parameter.
		// GFM syntax can be used for rich text representation.
		Description string `json:"description,omitempty"`
		//  Type of the header. it is limited to simple types (that is, not an object).
		Type string `json:"type,omitempty"`
		// Format is the extending format for the previously mentioned type.
		Format string `json:"format,omitempty"`
		// Items describes the type of items in the array if type is "array".
		Items *Items `json:"items,omitempty"`
		// CollectionFormat determines the format of the array if type array is used.
		// Possible values are csv, ssv, tsv, pipes and multi.
		CollectionFormat string `json:"collectionFormat,omitempty"`
		// Default declares the value of the parameter that the server will use if none is
		// provided, for example a "count" to control the number of results per page might
		// default to 100 if not supplied by the client in the request.
		Default          interface{}   `json:"default,omitempty"`
		Maximum          *float64      `json:"maximum,omitempty"`
		ExclusiveMaximum bool          `json:"exclusiveMaximum,omitempty"`
		Minimum          *float64      `json:"minimum,omitempty"`