Package nanomsg is a compatibility wrapper. It attempts to offer an a minimal replacement for the same API as, but does so using the mangos package underneath. The intent is to to facilitate converting existing applications to mangos.

Only the synchronous API is supported -- the Poller/PollItem API is not present here. Applications are encouraged to use Go's native support for goroutines and channels to build such features if needed.

New applications should be developed with mangos API directly, rather than using this compatibility shim. Additionally, note that this API lacks a number of the performance improvements in the mangos API; very specifically it does not support message reuse, which means that a busy consumer is going to thrash the garbage collector in Go pretty hard.

Only a subset of the mangos capabilities are exported through this API; to get the full feature set (e.g. TLS over TCP) the mangos API should be used directly.

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