SSDPRawSearch performs a fairly raw SSDP search request, and returns the unique response(s) that it receives. Each response has the requested searchTarget, a USN, and a valid location. maxWaitSeconds states how long to wait for responses in seconds, and must be a minimum of 1 (the implementation waits an additional 100ms for responses to arrive), 2 is a reasonable value for this. numSends is the number of requests to send - 3 is a reasonable value for this.

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func SSDPRawSearch(httpu *httpu.HTTPUClient, searchTarget string, maxWaitSeconds int, numSends int) ([]*http.Response, error) {
	if maxWaitSeconds < 1 {
		return nil, errors.New("ssdp: maxWaitSeconds must be >= 1")

	seenUsns := make(map[string]bool)
	var responses []*http.Response
	req := http.Request{
		Method: methodSearch,
		// TODO: Support both IPv4 and IPv6.
		Host: ssdpUDP4Addr,
		URL:  &url.URL{Opaque: "*"},
		Header: http.Header{
			// Putting headers in here avoids them being title-cased.
			// (The UPnP discovery protocol uses case-sensitive headers)
			"HOST": []string{ssdpUDP4Addr},
			"MX":   []string{strconv.FormatInt(int64(maxWaitSeconds), 10)},
			"MAN":  []string{ssdpDiscover},
			"ST":   []string{searchTarget},
	allResponses, err := httpu.Do(&req, time.Duration(maxWaitSeconds)*time.Second+100*time.Millisecond, numSends)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	for _, response := range allResponses {
		if response.StatusCode != 200 {
			log.Printf("ssdp: got response status code %q in search response", response.Status)
		if st := response.Header.Get("ST"); st != searchTarget {
			log.Printf("ssdp: got unexpected search target result %q", st)
		location, err := response.Location()
		if err != nil {
			log.Printf("ssdp: no usable location in search response (discarding): %v", err)
		usn := response.Header.Get("USN")
		if usn == "" {
			log.Printf("ssdp: empty/missing USN in search response (using location instead): %v", err)
			usn = location.String()
		if _, alreadySeen := seenUsns[usn]; !alreadySeen {
			seenUsns[usn] = true
			responses = append(responses, response)

	return responses, nil