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HandleConnect is used when proxy receives an HTTP CONNECT request, it'll then use the HttpsHandler to determine what should it do with this request. The handler returns a ConnectAction struct, the Action field in the ConnectAction struct returned will determine what to do with this request. ConnectAccept will simply accept the request forwarding all bytes from the client to the remote host, ConnectReject will close the connection with the client, and ConnectMitm, will assume the underlying connection is an HTTPS connection, and will use Man in the Middle attack to eavesdrop the connection. All regular handler will be active on this eavesdropped connection. The ConnectAction struct contains possible tlsConfig that will be used for eavesdropping. If nil, the proxy will use the default tls configuration.

proxy.OnRequest().HandleConnect(goproxy.AlwaysReject) // rejects all CONNECT requests