A representation of the query event.

Query event's binlog payload is structured as follow:

Common to both 5.5 and 5.6:
    19 bytes for common v4 event header
    4 bytes (uint32) for thread id which executed the query
    4 bytes (uint32) for query executation duration (in seconds)
    1 byte (uint8) for, X, the length of database name.  Note that the
        length does not include the null terminator character.
    2 bytes (uint16) for error code resulting from the query execution
    2 bytes (uint16) for, Y, the length of the variable status block
    Y bytes for the variable status block (all status are optional):
            1 byte for Q_FLAGS2_CODE (= 0)
            4 bytes (uint32) for flags2
        sql mode:
            1 byte for Q_SQL_MODE_CODE (= 1)
            8 bytes (uint64) for sql mode
            1 byte for Q_CATALOG_NZ_CODE (= 6)
            1 byte for length, Z
            Z bytes for catalog data (NOTE: As of 5.6, this value should
                always be "std")
        auto increment:
            1 byte for Q_AUTO_INCREMENT (= 3)
            2 bytes (uint16) for increment
            2 bytes (uint16) for offset
            1 byte for Q_CHARSET_CODE (= 4)
            6 bytes for charset
        time zone:
            1 byte for Q_TIME_ZONE_CODE (= 5)
            1 byte for length, R
            R bytes for time zone
        lc time:
            1 byte for Q_LC_TIME_NAMES_CODE (= 7)
            2 bytes (uint16) for lc time names number
        charset database:
            1 byte for Q_CHARSET_DATABASE_CODE (= 8)
            2 bytes (uint16) fro charset database number
        table map for update:
            1 byte for Q_TABLE_MAP_FOR_UPDATE (= 9)
            8 bytes (uint64) for table map for update
        master data written: (not used by v4 events)
            1 byte for Q_MASTER_DATA_WRITTEN (= 10)
            4 bytes (uint32) for master data written
            1 byte for Q_INVOKER (= 11)
            1 byte for user length, S
            S bytes for user string
            1 byte for host length, T
            T bytes for host string
        updated db name:
            1 byte for Q_UPDATED_DB_NAMES (= 12)
            1 byte for number of dbs, N
            if N < MAX_DBS_IN_EVENT_MTS (= 254):
                N zero-terminated db name strings
            1 byte for Q_MICROSECONDS (= 13)
            3 bytes (uint24) for microseconds
    X bytes for the database name (zero terminated)
    the remaining is for the query (not zero terminated).
5.6 Specific:
    (optional) 4 bytes footer for checksum.

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