BaseRowsEvent is the representation common to all v1/v2 write/update/delete rows events

TODO(patrick): figure out what's inside the extra_row_info bytes (so far, my searches lead to dead ends; looks almost like it's not used.)

Common to both 5.5 and 5.6:
    19 bytes for common v4 event header
    6 bytes (uint64) for table id
    2 bytes (uint16) for flags
V2 rows events specific (5.6 only):
    2 bytes (uint16), X, for 2 + the length of variable-sized header
    X bytes for variable-sized header:
        (optional) extra info tag:
            1 byte for RW_V_EXTRAINFO_TAG (=0)
            1 byte (uint8), Y, for extra row info length
            Y bytes for extra row info data
Common to both 5.5 and 5.6:
    1 to 9 bytes (net_store_length variable encoded uint64), Z, for total
            number of columns (XXX: should be same as # of columns in table
            map event?).
    ceil(Z / 8) bytes for bitmap indicating which columns are used.  (NOTE:
            for update events, this bitmap is used for the before image).
V1/v2 update events specific:
    ceil(Z / 8) bytes for bitmap indicating which columns are used in the
            after image.
Common to both 5.5 and 5.6:
    The remaining body contains the row data (row values are decoded based
            on current table context):
        V1/v2 write/delete events specific:
            List of rows
        V1/v2 update events specific:
            List of pairs of (before image row, after image row)
        Each row image is compose of:
            bit field indicating whether each field in the row is NULL.
            list of non-NULL encoded values.
5.6 Specific:
    (optional) 4 bytes footer for checksum

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