Return list of 5-tuples describing how to turn a into b.

Each tuple is of the form (tag, i1, i2, j1, j2). The first tuple has i1 == j1 == 0, and remaining tuples have i1 == the i2 from the tuple preceding it, and likewise for j1 == the previous j2.

The tags are characters, with these meanings:

'r' (replace): a[i1:i2] should be replaced by b[j1:j2]

'd' (delete): a[i1:i2] should be deleted, j1==j2 in this case.

'i' (insert): b[j1:j2] should be inserted at a[i1:i1], i1==i2 in this case.

'e' (equal): a[i1:i2] == b[j1:j2]

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