* If EnableInfinityTs is not called, "-infinity" and "infinity" will return * []byte("-infinity") and []byte("infinity") respectively, and potentially * cause error "sql: Scan error on column index 0: unsupported driver -> Scan pair: []uint8 -> *time.Time", * when scanning into a time.Time value. * * Once EnableInfinityTs has been called, all connections created using this * driver will decode Postgres' "-infinity" and "infinity" for "timestamp", * "timestamp with time zone" and "date" types to the predefined minimum and * maximum times, respectively. When encoding time.Time values, any time which * equals or preceeds the predefined minimum time will be encoded to * "-infinity". Any values at or past the maximum time will similarly be * encoded to "infinity". * * * If EnableInfinityTs is called with negative >= positive, it will panic. * Calling EnableInfinityTs after a connection has been established results in * undefined behavior. If EnableInfinityTs is called more than once, it will * panic.

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