Event identifies the actual type of Event that occurred. Possible values are:

  The Actor closed the issue.
  If the issue was closed by commit message, CommitID holds the SHA1 hash of the commit.

  The Actor merged into master a branch containing a commit mentioning the issue.
  CommitID holds the SHA1 of the merge commit.

  The Actor committed to master a commit mentioning the issue in its commit message.
  CommitID holds the SHA1 of the commit.

reopened, locked, unlocked
  The Actor did that to the issue.

  The Actor changed the issue title from Rename.From to Rename.To.

  Someone unspecified @mentioned the Actor [sic] in an issue comment body.

assigned, unassigned
  The Actor assigned the issue to or removed the assignment from the Assignee.

labeled, unlabeled
  The Actor added or removed the Label from the issue.

milestoned, demilestoned
  The Actor added or removed the issue from the Milestone.

subscribed, unsubscribed
  The Actor subscribed to or unsubscribed from notifications for an issue.

head_ref_deleted, head_ref_restored
  The pull request’s branch was deleted or restored.

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