App is the main structure of a cli application. It is recomended that an app be created with the cli.NewApp() function

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type App struct {
	// The name of the program. Defaults to os.Args[0]
	Name string
	// Full name of command for help, defaults to Name
	HelpName string
	// Description of the program.
	Usage string
	// Description of the program argument format.
	ArgsUsage string
	// Version of the program
	Version string
	// List of commands to execute
	Commands []Command
	// List of flags to parse
	Flags []Flag
	// Boolean to enable bash completion commands
	EnableBashCompletion bool
	// Boolean to hide built-in help command
	HideHelp bool
	// Boolean to hide built-in version flag
	HideVersion bool
	// An action to execute when the bash-completion flag is set
	BashComplete func(context *Context)
	// An action to execute before any subcommands are run, but after the context is ready
	// If a non-nil error is returned, no subcommands are run
	Before func(context *Context) error
	// An action to execute after any subcommands are run, but after the subcommand has finished
	// It is run even if Action() panics
	After func(context *Context) error
	// The action to execute when no subcommands are specified
	Action func(context *Context)
	// Execute this function if the proper command cannot be found
	CommandNotFound func(context *Context, command string)
	// Compilation date
	Compiled time.Time
	// List of all authors who contributed
	Authors []Author
	// Copyright of the binary if any
	Copyright string
	// Name of Author (Note: Use App.Authors, this is deprecated)
	Author string
	// Email of Author (Note: Use App.Authors, this is deprecated)
	Email string
	// Writer writer to write output to
	Writer io.Writer