Parse `argv` based on the command-line interface described in `doc`.

Given a conventional command-line help message, docopt creates a parser and processes the arguments. See for a description of the help message format. If `argv` is `nil`, `os.Args[1:]` is used.

docopt returns a map of option names to the values parsed from `argv`, and an error or `nil`.

Set `help` to `false` to disable automatic help messages on `-h` or `--help`. If `version` is a non-empty string, it will be printed when `--version` is specified. Set `optionsFirst` to `true` to require that options always come before positional arguments; otherwise they can overlap.

By default, docopt calls `os.Exit(0)` if it handled a built-in option such as `-h` or `--version`. If the user errored with a wrong command or options, docopt exits with a return code of 1. To stop docopt from calling `os.Exit()` and to handle your own return codes, pass an optional last parameter of `false` for `exit`.

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