Resample filter struct. It can be used to make custom filters.

Supported resample filters: NearestNeighbor, Box, Linear, Hermite, MitchellNetravali, CatmullRom, BSpline, Gaussian, Lanczos, Hann, Hamming, Blackman, Bartlett, Welch, Cosine.

General filter recommendations:

- Lanczos
	Probably the best resampling filter for photographic images yielding sharp results,
	but it's slower than cubic filters (see below).

- CatmullRom
	A sharp cubic filter. It's a good filter for both upscaling and downscaling if sharp results are needed.

- MitchellNetravali
	A high quality cubic filter that produces smoother results with less ringing than CatmullRom.

- BSpline
	A good filter if a very smooth output is needed.

- Linear
	Bilinear interpolation filter, produces reasonably good, smooth output. It's faster than cubic filters.

- Box
	Simple and fast resampling filter appropriate for downscaling.
	When upscaling it's similar to NearestNeighbor.

- NearestNeighbor
	Fastest resample filter, no antialiasing at all. Rarely used.

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