Convolution creates a filter that applies a square convolution kernel to an image. The length of the kernel slice must be the square of an odd kernel size (e.g. 9 for 3x3 kernel, 25 for 5x5 kernel). Excessive slice members will be ignored. If normalize parameter is true, the kernel will be normalized before applying the filter. If alpha parameter is true, the alpha component of color will be filtered too. If abs parameter is true, absolute values of color components will be taken after doing calculations. If delta parameter is not zero, this value will be added to the filtered pixels.


// Apply the emboss filter to an image.
g := gift.New(
			-1, -1, 0,
			-1, 1, 1,
			0, 1, 1,
		false, false, false, 0,
dst := image.NewRGBA(g.Bounds(src.Bounds()))
g.Draw(dst, src)

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