Expr converts any value to an expression and is also used by many other terms such as Insert and Update. This function can convert the following basic Go types (bool, int, uint, string, float) and even pointers, maps and structs.

When evaluating structs they are encoded into a map before being sent to the server. Each exported field is added to the map unless

- the field's tag is "-", or
- the field is empty and its tag specifies the "omitempty" option.

Each fields default name in the map is the field name but can be specified in the struct field's tag value. The "gorethink" key in the struct field's tag value is the key name, followed by an optional comma and options. Examples:

// Field is ignored by this package.
Field int `gorethink:"-"`
// Field appears as key "myName".
Field int `gorethink:"myName"`
// Field appears as key "myName" and
// the field is omitted from the object if its value is empty,
// as defined above.
Field int `gorethink:"myName,omitempty"`
// Field appears as key "Field" (the default), but
// the field is skipped if empty.
// Note the leading comma.
Field int `gorethink:",omitempty"`

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