ConnectOpts is used to specify optional arguments when connecting to a cluster.

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type ConnectOpts struct {
	// Address holds the address of the server initially used when creating the
	// session. Only used if Addresses is empty
	Address string `gorethink:"address,omitempty"`
	// Addresses holds the addresses of the servers initially used when creating
	// the session.
	Addresses []string `gorethink:"addresses,omitempty"`
	// Database is the default database name used when executing queries, this
	// value is only used if the query does not contain any DB term
	Database string `gorethink:"database,omitempty"`
	// Username holds the username used for authentication, if blank (and the v1
	// handshake protocol is being used) then the admin user is used
	Username string `gorethink:"username,omitempty"`
	// Password holds the password used for authentication (only used when using
	// the v1 handshake protocol)
	Password string `gorethink:"password,omitempty"`
	// AuthKey is used for authentication when using the v0.4 handshake protocol
	// This field is no deprecated
	AuthKey string `gorethink:"authkey,omitempty"`
	// Timeout is the time the driver waits when creating new connections, to
	// configure the timeout used when executing queries use WriteTimeout and
	// ReadTimeout
	Timeout time.Duration `gorethink:"timeout,omitempty"`
	// WriteTimeout is the amount of time the driver will wait when sending the
	// query to the server
	WriteTimeout time.Duration `gorethink:"write_timeout,omitempty"`
	// ReadTimeout is the amount of time the driver will wait for a response from
	// the server when executing queries.
	ReadTimeout time.Duration `gorethink:"read_timeout,omitempty"`
	// KeepAlivePeriod is the keep alive period used by the connection, by default
	// this is 30s. It is not possible to disable keep alive messages
	KeepAlivePeriod time.Duration `gorethink:"keep_alive_timeout,omitempty"`
	// TLSConfig holds the TLS configuration and can be used when connecting
	// to a RethinkDB server protected by SSL
	TLSConfig *tls.Config `gorethink:"tlsconfig,omitempty"`
	// HandshakeVersion is used to specify which handshake version should be
	// used, this currently defaults to v1 which is used by RethinkDB 2.3 and
	// later. If you are using an older version then you can set the handshake
	// version to 0.4
	HandshakeVersion HandshakeVersion `gorethink:"handshake_version,omitempty"`
	// UseJSONNumber indicates whether the cursors running in this session should
	// use json.Number instead of float64 while unmarshaling documents with
	// interface{}. The default is `false`.
	UseJSONNumber bool
	// NumRetries is the number of times a query is retried if a connection
	// error is detected, queries are not retried if RethinkDB returns a
	// runtime error.
	NumRetries int

	// InitialCap is used by the internal connection pool and is used to
	// configure how many connections are created for each host when the
	// session is created. If zero then no connections are created until
	// the first query is executed.
	InitialCap int `gorethink:"initial_cap,omitempty"`
	// MaxOpen is used by the internal connection pool and is used to configure
	// the maximum number of connections held in the pool. If all available
	// connections are being used then the driver will open new connections as
	// needed however they will not be returned to the pool. By default the
	// maximum number of connections is 2
	MaxOpen int `gorethink:"max_open,omitempty"`

	// Below options are for cluster discovery, please note there is a high
	// probability of these changing as the API is still being worked on.

	// DiscoverHosts is used to enable host discovery, when true the driver
	// will attempt to discover any new nodes added to the cluster and then
	// start sending queries to these new nodes.
	DiscoverHosts bool `gorethink:"discover_hosts,omitempty"`
	// HostDecayDuration is used by the go-hostpool package to calculate a weighted
	// score when selecting a host. By default a value of 5 minutes is used.
	HostDecayDuration time.Duration

	// Deprecated: This function is no longer used due to changes in the
	// way hosts are selected.
	NodeRefreshInterval time.Duration `gorethink:"node_refresh_interval,omitempty"`
	// Deprecated: Use InitialCap instead
	MaxIdle int `gorethink:"max_idle,omitempty"`