RedisEngineConfig is struct with Redis Engine options.

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type RedisEngineConfig struct {
	// Host is Redis server host.
	Host string
	// Port is Redis server port.
	Port string
	// Password is password to use when connecting to Redis database. If empty then password not used.
	Password string
	// DB is Redis database number as string. If empty then database 0 used.
	DB string
	// URL to redis server in format redis://:[email protected]:port/db_number
	URL string
	// PoolSize is a size of Redis connection pool.
	PoolSize int
	// API enables listening for API queues to publish API commands into Centrifugo via pushing
	// commands into Redis queue.
	API bool
	// NumAPIShards is a number of sharded API queues in Redis to increase volume of commands
	// (most probably publish) that Centrifugo instance can process.
	NumAPIShards int

	// MasterName is a name of Redis instance master Sentinel monitors.
	MasterName string
	// SentinelAddrs is a slice of Sentinel addresses.
	SentinelAddrs []string

	// Timeout on read operations. Note that at moment it should be greater than node
	// ping interval in order to prevent timing out Pubsub connection's Receive call.
	ReadTimeout time.Duration
	// Timeout on write operations
	WriteTimeout time.Duration
	// Timeout on connect operation
	ConnectTimeout time.Duration