Config contains Application configuration options.

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type Config struct {
	// Version is a version of node as string, in most cases this will
	// be Centrifugo server version.
	Version string `json:"version"`

	// Name of this node - must be unique, used as human readable and
	// meaningful node identificator.
	Name string `json:"name"`

	// Debug turns on application debug mode.
	Debug bool `json:"debug"`

	// Admin enables admin socket.
	Admin bool
	// AdminPassword is an admin password.
	AdminPassword string `json:"-"`
	// AdminSecret is a secret to generate auth token for admin socket connection.
	AdminSecret string `json:"-"`
	// Web enables admin web interface.
	Web bool `json:"web"`

	// ChannelPrefix is a string prefix before each channel.
	ChannelPrefix string `json:"channel_prefix"`
	// MaxChannelLength is a maximum length of channel name.
	MaxChannelLength int `json:"max_channel_length"`

	// PingInterval sets interval server will send ping messages to clients.
	PingInterval time.Duration `json:"ping_interval"`

	// NodePingInterval is an interval how often node must send ping
	// control message.
	NodePingInterval time.Duration `json:"node_ping_interval"`
	// NodeInfoCleanInterval is an interval in seconds, how often node must clean
	// information about other running nodes.
	NodeInfoCleanInterval time.Duration `json:"node_info_clean_interval"`
	// NodeInfoMaxDelay is an interval in seconds – how many seconds node info
	// considered actual.
	NodeInfoMaxDelay time.Duration `json:"node_info_max_delay"`
	// NodeMetricsInterval detects interval node will use to aggregate metrics.
	NodeMetricsInterval time.Duration `json:"node_metrics_interval"`

	// PresencePingInterval is an interval how often connected clients
	// must update presence info.
	PresencePingInterval time.Duration `json:"presence_ping_interval"`
	// PresenceExpireInterval is an interval how long to consider
	// presence info valid after receiving presence ping.
	PresenceExpireInterval time.Duration `json:"presence_expire_interval"`

	// ExpiredConnectionCloseDelay is an interval given to client to
	// refresh its connection in the end of connection lifetime.
	ExpiredConnectionCloseDelay time.Duration `json:"expired_connection_close_delay"`

	// StaleConnectionCloseDelay is an interval in seconds after which
	// connection will be closed if still not authenticated.
	StaleConnectionCloseDelay time.Duration `json:"stale_connection_close_delay"`

	// MessageSendTimeout is an interval how long time the node
	// may take to send a message to a client before disconnecting the client.
	MessageSendTimeout time.Duration `json:"message_send_timeout"`

	// ClientRequestMaxSize sets maximum size in bytes of allowed client request.
	ClientRequestMaxSize int `json:"client_request_max_size"`
	// ClientQueueMaxSize is a maximum size of client's message queue in bytes.
	// After this queue size exceeded Centrifugo closes client's connection.
	ClientQueueMaxSize int `json:"client_queue_max_size"`
	// ClientQueueInitialCapacity sets initial amount of slots in client message
	// queue. When these slots are full client queue is automatically resized to
	// a bigger size. This option can reduce amount of allocations when message
	// rate is very high and client queue resizes frequently. Note that memory
	// consumption per client connection grows with this option.
	ClientQueueInitialCapacity int `json:"client_queue_initial_capacity"`

	// ClientChannelLimit sets upper limit of channels each client can subscribe to.
	ClientChannelLimit int `json:"client_channel_limit"`

	// PrivateChannelPrefix is a prefix in channel name which indicates that
	// channel is private.
	PrivateChannelPrefix string `json:"private_channel_prefix"`
	// NamespaceChannelBoundary is a string separator which must be put after
	// namespace part in channel name.
	NamespaceChannelBoundary string `json:"namespace_channel_boundary"`
	// UserChannelBoundary is a string separator which must be set before allowed
	// users part in channel name.
	UserChannelBoundary string `json:"user_channel_boundary"`
	// UserChannelSeparator separates allowed users in user part of channel name.
	UserChannelSeparator string `json:"user_channel_separator"`
	// ClientChannelBoundary is a string separator which must be set before client
	// connection ID in channel name so only client with this ID can subscribe on
	// that channel.
	ClientChannelBoundary string `json:"client_channel_separator"`

	// Insecure turns on insecure mode - when it's turned on then no authentication
	// required at all when connecting to Centrifugo, anonymous access and publish
	// allowed for all channels, no connection check performed. This can be suitable
	// for demonstration or personal usage.
	Insecure bool `json:"insecure"`
	// InsecureAPI turns on insecure mode for HTTP API calls. This means that no
	// API sign required when sending commands. This can be useful if you don't want
	// to sign every request - for example if you closed API endpoint with firewall
	// or you want to play with API commands from command line using CURL.
	InsecureAPI bool `json:"insecure_api"`
	// InsecureAdmin turns on insecure mode for admin endpoints - no auth required to
	// connect to admin socket and web interface. Protect admin resources with firewall
	// rules in production when enabling this option.
	InsecureAdmin bool `json:"insecure_admin"`

	// Secret is a secret key, used to sign API requests and client connection tokens.
	Secret string `json:"secret"`

	// ConnLifetime determines time until connection expire, 0 means no connection expire at all.
	ConnLifetime int64 `json:"connection_lifetime"`

	// ChannelOptions embedded to config.
	ChannelOptions `json:"channel_options"`

	// Namespaces - list of namespaces for custom channel options.
	Namespaces []Namespace `json:"namespaces"`