Package txscript implements the bitcoin transaction script language.

A complete description of the script language used by bitcoin can be found at The following only serves as a quick overview to provide information on how to use the package.

This package provides data structures and functions to parse and execute bitcoin transaction scripts.

Script Overview

Bitcoin transaction scripts are written in a stack-base, FORTH-like language.

The bitcoin script language consists of a number of opcodes which fall into several categories such pushing and popping data to and from the stack, performing basic and bitwise arithmetic, conditional branching, comparing hashes, and checking cryptographic signatures. Scripts are processed from left to right and intentionally do not provide loops.

The vast majority of Bitcoin scripts at the time of this writing are of several standard forms which consist of a spender providing a public key and a signature which proves the spender owns the associated private key. This information is used to prove the the spender is authorized to perform the transaction.

One benefit of using a scripting language is added flexibility in specifying what conditions must be met in order to spend bitcoins.


Errors returned by this package are of the form txscript.ErrStackX where X indicates the specific error. See Variables in the package documentation for a full list.

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