Peer provides a basic concurrent safe bitcoin peer for handling bitcoin communications via the peer-to-peer protocol. It provides full duplex reading and writing, automatic handling of the initial handshake process, querying of usage statistics and other information about the remote peer such as its address, user agent, and protocol version, output message queuing, inventory trickling, and the ability to dynamically register and unregister callbacks for handling bitcoin protocol messages.

Outbound messages are typically queued via QueueMessage or QueueInventory. QueueMessage is intended for all messages, including responses to data such as blocks and transactions. QueueInventory, on the other hand, is only intended for relaying inventory as it employs a trickling mechanism to batch the inventory together. However, some helper functions for pushing messages of specific types that typically require common special handling are provided as a convenience.

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	// safe to read from concurrently without a mutex.
	addr    string
	cfg     Config
	inbound bool

	flagsMtx             sync.Mutex // protects the peer flags below
	na                   *wire.NetAddress
	id                   int32
	userAgent            string
	services             wire.ServiceFlag
	versionKnown         bool
	protocolVersion      uint32
	sendHeadersPreferred bool // peer sent a sendheaders message
	versionSent          bool
	verAckReceived       bool

	knownInventory     *mruInventoryMap
	prevGetBlocksMtx   sync.Mutex
	prevGetBlocksBegin *chainhash.Hash
	prevGetBlocksStop  *chainhash.Hash
	prevGetHdrsMtx     sync.Mutex
	prevGetHdrsBegin   *chainhash.Hash
	prevGetHdrsStop    *chainhash.Hash

	// These fields keep track of statistics for the peer and are protected
	// by the statsMtx mutex.
	statsMtx           sync.RWMutex
	timeOffset         int64
	timeConnected      time.Time
	startingHeight     int32
	lastBlock          int32
	lastAnnouncedBlock *chainhash.Hash
	lastPingNonce      uint64    // Set to nonce if we have a pending ping.
	lastPingTime       time.Time // Time we sent last ping.
	lastPingMicros     int64     // Time for last ping to return.

	stallControl  chan stallControlMsg
	outputQueue   chan outMsg
	sendQueue     chan outMsg
	sendDoneQueue chan struct{}
	outputInvChan chan *wire.InvVect
	inQuit        chan struct{}
	queueQuit     chan struct{}
	outQuit       chan struct{}
	quit          chan struct{}

// String returns the peer's address and directionality as a human-readable
// string.
// This function is safe for concurrent access.
func (p *Peer) String() string {
	return fmt.Sprintf("%s (%s)", p.addr, directionString(p.inbound))

// UpdateLastBlockHeight updates the last known block for the peer.
// This function is safe for concurrent access.