DeleteBucket removes a nested bucket with the given key.

Returns the following errors as required by the interface contract:

- ErrBucketNotFound if the specified bucket does not exist
- ErrTxNotWritable if attempted against a read-only transaction
- ErrTxClosed if the transaction has already been closed

This function is part of the database.Bucket interface implementation.

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func (b *bucket) DeleteBucket(key []byte) error {
	// Ensure transaction state is valid.
	if err := b.tx.checkClosed(); err != nil {
		return err

	// Ensure the transaction is writable.
	if !b.tx.writable {
		str := "delete bucket requires a writable database transaction"
		return makeDbErr(database.ErrTxNotWritable, str, nil)

	// Attempt to fetch the ID for the child bucket.  The bucket does not
	// exist if the bucket index entry does not exist.  In the case of the
	// special internal block index, keep the fixed ID.
	bidxKey := bucketIndexKey(, key)
	childID := b.tx.fetchKey(bidxKey)
	if childID == nil {
		str := fmt.Sprintf("bucket %q does not exist", key)
		return makeDbErr(database.ErrBucketNotFound, str, nil)

	// Remove all nested buckets and their keys.
	childIDs := [][]byte{childID}
	for len(childIDs) > 0 {
		childID = childIDs[len(childIDs)-1]
		childIDs = childIDs[:len(childIDs)-1]

		// Delete all keys in the nested bucket.
		keyCursor := newCursor(b, childID, ctKeys)
		for ok := keyCursor.First(); ok; ok = keyCursor.Next() {
			b.tx.deleteKey(keyCursor.rawKey(), false)

		// Iterate through all nested buckets.
		bucketCursor := newCursor(b, childID, ctBuckets)
		for ok := bucketCursor.First(); ok; ok = bucketCursor.Next() {
			// Push the id of the nested bucket onto the stack for
			// the next iteration.
			childID := bucketCursor.rawValue()
			childIDs = append(childIDs, childID)

			// Remove the nested bucket from the bucket index.
			b.tx.deleteKey(bucketCursor.rawKey(), false)

	// Remove the nested bucket from the bucket index.  Any buckets nested
	// under it were already removed above.
	b.tx.deleteKey(bidxKey, true)
	return nil