RegisterCmd registers a new command that will automatically marshal to and from JSON-RPC with full type checking and positional parameter support. It also accepts usage flags which identify the circumstances under which the command can be used.

This package automatically registers all of the exported commands by default using this function, however it is also exported so callers can easily register custom types.

The type format is very strict since it needs to be able to automatically marshal to and from JSON-RPC 1.0. The following enumerates the requirements:

- The provided command must be a single pointer to a struct
- All fields must be exported
- The order of the positional parameters in the marshalled JSON will be in
  the same order as declared in the struct definition
- Struct embedding is not supported
- Struct fields may NOT be channels, functions, complex, or interface
- A field in the provided struct with a pointer is treated as optional
- Multiple indirections (i.e **int) are not supported
- Once the first optional field (pointer) is encountered, the remaining
  fields must also be optional fields (pointers) as required by positional
- A field that has a 'jsonrpcdefault' struct tag must be an optional field

NOTE: This function only needs to be able to examine the structure of the passed struct, so it does not need to be an actual instance. Therefore, it is recommended to simply pass a nil pointer cast to the appropriate type. For example, (*FooCmd)(nil).

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