GenerateHelp generates and returns help output for the provided method and result types given a map to provide the appropriate keys for the method synopsis, field descriptions, conditions, and result descriptions. The method must be associated with a registered type. All commands provided by this package are registered by default.

The resultTypes must be pointer-to-types which represent the specific types of values the command returns. For example, if the command only returns a boolean value, there should only be a single entry of (*bool)(nil). Note that each type must be a single pointer to the type. Therefore, it is recommended to simply pass a nil pointer cast to the appropriate type as previously shown.

The provided descriptions map must contain all of the keys or an error will be returned which includes the missing key, or the final missing key when there is more than one key missing. The generated help in the case of such an error will use the key in place of the description.

The following outlines the required keys:

"<method>--synopsis"             Synopsis for the command
"<method>-<lowerfieldname>"      Description for each command argument
"<typename>-<lowerfieldname>"    Description for each object field
"<method>--condition<#>"         Description for each result condition
"<method>--result<#>"            Description for each primitive result num

Notice that the "special" keys synopsis, condition<#>, and result<#> are preceded by a double dash to ensure they don't conflict with field names.

The condition keys are only required when there is more than on result type, and the result key for a given result type is only required if it's not an object.

For example, consider the 'help' command itself. There are two possible returns depending on the provided parameters. So, the help would be generated by calling the function as follows:

GenerateHelp("help", descs, (*string)(nil), (*string)(nil)).

The following keys would then be required in the provided descriptions map:

"help--synopsis":   "Returns a list of all commands or help for ...."
"help-command":     "The command to retrieve help for",
"help--condition0": "no command provided"
"help--condition1": "command specified"
"help--result0":    "List of commands"
"help--result1":    "Help for specified command"

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