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func BuildMerkleTreeStore

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BuildMerkleTreeStore creates a merkle tree from a slice of transactions, stores it using a linear array, and returns a slice of the backing array. A linear array was chosen as opposed to an actual tree structure since it uses about half as much memory. The following describes a merkle tree and how it is stored in a linear array.

A merkle tree is a tree in which every non-leaf node is the hash of its children nodes. A diagram depicting how this works for bitcoin transactions where h(x) is a double sha256 follows:

         root = h1234 = h(h12 + h34)
        /                           \
  h12 = h(h1 + h2)            h34 = h(h3 + h4)
   /            \              /            \
h1 = h(tx1)  h2 = h(tx2)    h3 = h(tx3)  h4 = h(tx4)

The above stored as a linear array is as follows:

[h1 h2 h3 h4 h12 h34 root]

As the above shows, the merkle root is always the last element in the array.

The number of inputs is not always a power of two which results in a balanced tree structure as above. In that case, parent nodes with no children are also zero and parent nodes with only a single left node are calculated by concatenating the left node with itself before hashing. Since this function uses nodes that are pointers to the hashes, empty nodes will be nil.

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