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OnVersion is invoked when a peer receives a version bitcoin message and is used to negotiate the protocol version details as well as kick start the communications.

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			// more and the peer has a protocol version new enough to
			// include a timestamp with addresses.
			hasTimestamp := p.ProtocolVersion() >=
			if addrManager.NeedMoreAddresses() && hasTimestamp {
				p.QueueMessage(wire.NewMsgGetAddr(), nil)

			// Mark the address as a known good address.

	// Add valid peer to the server.

// OnMemPool is invoked when a peer receives a mempool bitcoin message.
// It creates and sends an inventory message with the contents of the memory
// pool up to the maximum inventory allowed per message.  When the peer has a
// bloom filter loaded, the contents are filtered accordingly.
func (sp *serverPeer) OnMemPool(p *peer.Peer, msg *wire.MsgMemPool) {
	// A decaying ban score increase is applied to prevent flooding.
	// The ban score accumulates and passes the ban threshold if a burst of
	// mempool messages comes from a peer. The score decays each minute to
	// half of its value.
	sp.addBanScore(0, 33, "mempool")

	// Generate inventory message with the available transactions in the
	// transaction memory pool.  Limit it to the max allowed inventory
	// per message.  The NewMsgInvSizeHint function automatically limits
	// the passed hint to the maximum allowed, so it's safe to pass it
	// without double checking it here.
	txMemPool := sp.server.txMemPool
	txDescs := txMemPool.TxDescs()
	invMsg := wire.NewMsgInvSizeHint(uint(len(txDescs)))

	for i, txDesc := range txDescs {
		// Either add all transactions when there is no bloom filter,
		// or only the transactions that match the filter when there is
		// one.
		if !sp.filter.IsLoaded() || sp.filter.MatchTxAndUpdate(txDesc.Tx) {
			iv := wire.NewInvVect(wire.InvTypeTx, txDesc.Tx.Hash())
			if i+1 >= wire.MaxInvPerMsg {

	// Send the inventory message if there is anything to send.
	if len(invMsg.InvList) > 0 {
		p.QueueMessage(invMsg, nil)

// OnTx is invoked when a peer receives a tx bitcoin message.  It blocks
// until the bitcoin transaction has been fully processed.  Unlock the block
// handler this does not serialize all transactions through a single thread