An Index implements all the indexing and searching capabilities of bleve. An Index can be created using the New() and Open() methods.

Index() takes an input value, deduces a DocumentMapping for its type, assigns string paths to its fields or values then applies field mappings on them.

If the value is a []byte, the indexer attempts to convert it to something else using the ByteArrayConverter registered as IndexMapping.ByteArrayConverter. By default, it interprets the value as a JSON payload and unmarshals it to map[string]interface{}.

The DocumentMapping used to index a value is deduced by the following rules: 1) If value implements Classifier interface, resolve the mapping from Type(). 2) If value has a string field or value at IndexMapping.TypeField. (defaulting to "_type"), use it to resolve the mapping. Fields addressing is described below. 3) If IndexMapping.DefaultType is registered, return it. 4) Return IndexMapping.DefaultMapping.

Each field or nested field of the value is identified by a string path, then mapped to one or several FieldMappings which extract the result for analysis.

Struct values fields are identified by their "json:" tag, or by their name. Nested fields are identified by prefixing with their parent identifier, separated by a dot.

Map values entries are identified by their string key. Entries not indexed by strings are ignored. Entry values are identified recursively like struct fields.

Slice and array values are identified by their field name. Their elements are processed sequentially with the same FieldMapping.

String, float64 and time.Time values are identified by their field name. Other types are ignored.

Each value identifier is decomposed in its parts and recursively address SubDocumentMappings in the tree starting at the root DocumentMapping. If a mapping is found, all its FieldMappings are applied to the value. If no mapping is found and the root DocumentMapping is dynamic, default mappings are used based on value type and IndexMapping default configurations.

Finally, mapped values are analyzed, indexed or stored. See FieldMapping.Analyzer to know how an analyzer is resolved for a given field.


type Date struct {
  Day string `json:"day"`
  Month string
  Year string

type Person struct {
  FirstName string `json:"first_name"`
  LastName string
  BirthDate Date `json:"birth_date"`

A Person value FirstName is mapped by the SubDocumentMapping at "first_name". Its LastName is mapped by the one at "LastName". The day of BirthDate is mapped to the SubDocumentMapping "day" of the root SubDocumentMapping "birth_date". It will appear as the "" field in the index. The month is mapped to "birth_date.Month".

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