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type SignalExternalWorkflowExecutionInitiatedEventAttributes

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Provides details of the SignalExternalWorkflowExecutionInitiated event.

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	// The supported child policies are:
	//  TERMINATE: the child executions will be terminated. REQUEST_CANCEL: a request
	// to cancel will be attempted for each child execution by recording a WorkflowExecutionCancelRequested
	// event in its history. It is up to the decider to take appropriate actions
	// when it receives an execution history with this event. ABANDON: no action
	// will be taken. The child executions will continue to run.
	DefaultChildPolicy *string `locationName:"defaultChildPolicy" type:"string" enum:"ChildPolicy"`

	// If set, specifies the default maximum duration for executions of this workflow
	// type. You can override this default when starting an execution through the
	// StartWorkflowExecution action or StartChildWorkflowExecution decision.
	// The duration is specified in seconds; an integer greater than or equal to
	// 0. Unlike some of the other timeout parameters in Amazon SWF, you cannot
	// specify a value of "NONE" for defaultExecutionStartToCloseTimeout; there
	// is a one-year max limit on the time that a workflow execution can run. Exceeding
	// this limit will always cause the workflow execution to time out.
	DefaultExecutionStartToCloseTimeout *string `locationName:"defaultExecutionStartToCloseTimeout" type:"string"`

	// The ARN of the default IAM role to use when a workflow execution of this
	// type invokes AWS Lambda functions.
	// This default can be overridden when starting a workflow execution using
	// the StartWorkflowExecution action or the StartChildWorkflowExecution and