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type SignalExternalWorkflowExecutionFailedEventAttributes

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Provides details of the SignalExternalWorkflowExecutionFailed event.

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type RegisterActivityTypeInput struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure"`

	// If set, specifies the default maximum time before which a worker processing
	// a task of this type must report progress by calling RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat.
	// If the timeout is exceeded, the activity task is automatically timed out.
	// This default can be overridden when scheduling an activity task using the
	// ScheduleActivityTask decision. If the activity worker subsequently attempts
	// to record a heartbeat or returns a result, the activity worker receives an
	// UnknownResource fault. In this case, Amazon SWF no longer considers the activity
	// task to be valid; the activity worker should clean up the activity task.
	// The duration is specified in seconds; an integer greater than or equal to
	// 0. The value "NONE" can be used to specify unlimited duration.
	DefaultTaskHeartbeatTimeout *string `locationName:"defaultTaskHeartbeatTimeout" type:"string"`

	// If set, specifies the default task list to use for scheduling tasks of this
	// activity type. This default task list is used if a task list is not provided
	// when a task is scheduled through the ScheduleActivityTask decision.
	DefaultTaskList *TaskList `locationName:"defaultTaskList" type:"structure"`

	// The default task priority to assign to the activity type. If not assigned,
	// then "0" will be used. Valid values are integers that range from Java's Integer.MIN_VALUE
	// (-2147483648) to Integer.MAX_VALUE (2147483647). Higher numbers indicate
	// higher priority.
	// For more information about setting task priority, see Setting Task Priority
	// (
	// in the Amazon Simple Workflow Developer Guide.
	DefaultTaskPriority *string `locationName:"defaultTaskPriority" type:"string"`

	// If set, specifies the default maximum duration for a task of this activity