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type ActivityTaskScheduledEventAttributes

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Provides details of the ActivityTaskScheduled event.

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// to the workflow history.
// Only use this operation if the canceled flag of a RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat
// request returns true and if the activity can be safely undone or abandoned.
// A task is considered open from the time that it is scheduled until it is
// closed. Therefore a task is reported as open while a worker is processing
// it. A task is closed after it has been specified in a call to RespondActivityTaskCompleted,
// RespondActivityTaskCanceled, RespondActivityTaskFailed, or the task has timed
// out (
// Access Control
// You can use IAM policies to control this action's access to Amazon SWF resources
// as follows:
//  Use a Resource element with the domain name to limit the action to only
// specified domains. Use an Action element to allow or deny permission to call
// this action. You cannot use an IAM policy to constrain this action's parameters.
//  If the caller does not have sufficient permissions to invoke the action,
// or the parameter values fall outside the specified constraints, the action
// fails. The associated event attribute's cause parameter will be set to OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED.
// For details and example IAM policies, see Using IAM to Manage Access to Amazon
// SWF Workflows (
// Returns awserr.Error for service API and SDK errors. Use runtime type assertions
// with awserr.Error's Code and Message methods to get detailed information about
// the error.
// See the AWS API reference guide for Amazon Simple Workflow Service's
// API operation RespondActivityTaskCanceled for usage and error information.
// Returned Error Codes:
//   * UnknownResourceFault
//   Returned when the named resource cannot be found with in the scope of this
//   operation (region or domain). This could happen if the named resource was
//   never created or is no longer available for this operation.
//   * OperationNotPermittedFault
//   Returned when the caller does not have sufficient permissions to invoke the
//   action.
func (c *SWF) RespondActivityTaskCanceled(input *RespondActivityTaskCanceledInput) (*RespondActivityTaskCanceledOutput, error) {
	req, out := c.RespondActivityTaskCanceledRequest(input)
	err := req.Send()
	return out, err

const opRespondActivityTaskCompleted = "RespondActivityTaskCompleted"

// RespondActivityTaskCompletedRequest generates a "aws/request.Request" representing the
// client's request for the RespondActivityTaskCompleted operation. The "output" return
// value can be used to capture response data after the request's "Send" method
// is called.