A JSON object containing one or more of the following fields:









//    err := req.Send()
//    if err == nil { // resp is now filled
//        fmt.Println(resp)
//    }
func (c *StorageGateway) ListVolumesRequest(input *ListVolumesInput) (req *request.Request, output *ListVolumesOutput) {
	op := &request.Operation{
		Name:       opListVolumes,
		HTTPMethod: "POST",
		HTTPPath:   "/",
		Paginator: &request.Paginator{
			InputTokens:     []string{"Marker"},
			OutputTokens:    []string{"Marker"},
			LimitToken:      "Limit",
			TruncationToken: "",

	if input == nil {
		input = &ListVolumesInput{}

	req = c.newRequest(op, input, output)
	output = &ListVolumesOutput{}
	req.Data = output

// ListVolumes API operation for AWS Storage Gateway.
// Lists the iSCSI stored volumes of a gateway. Results are sorted by volume
// ARN. The response includes only the volume ARNs. If you want additional volume
// information, use the DescribeStorediSCSIVolumes API.
// The operation supports pagination. By default, the operation returns a maximum
// of up to 100 volumes. You can optionally specify the Limit field in the body
// to limit the number of volumes in the response. If the number of volumes
// returned in the response is truncated, the response includes a Marker field.
// You can use this Marker value in your subsequent request to retrieve the
// next set of volumes.
// Returns awserr.Error for service API and SDK errors. Use runtime type assertions
// with awserr.Error's Code and Message methods to get detailed information about
// the error.
// See the AWS API reference guide for AWS Storage Gateway's
// API operation ListVolumes for usage and error information.