The DNS record type. For information about different record types and how data is encoded for them, see Supported DNS Resource Record Types ( in the Amazon Route 53 Developer Guide.

Valid values for basic resource record sets: A | AAAA | CNAME | MX | NAPTR | NS | PTR | SOA | SPF | SRV | TXT

Values for weighted, latency, geolocation, and failover resource record sets: A | AAAA | CNAME | MX | NAPTR | PTR | SPF | SRV | TXT. When creating a group of weighted, latency, geolocation, or failover resource record sets, specify the same value for all of the resource record sets in the group.

SPF records were formerly used to verify the identity of the sender of

email messages. However, we no longer recommend that you create resource record sets for which the value of Type is SPF. RFC 7208, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for Authorizing Use of Domains in Email, Version 1, has been updated to say, "...[I]ts existence and mechanism defined in [RFC4408] have led to some interoperability issues. Accordingly, its use is no longer appropriate for SPF version 1; implementations are not to use it." In RFC 7208, see section 14.1, The SPF DNS Record Type (

Values for alias resource record sets:

  CloudFront distributions: A

  Elastic Beanstalk environment that has a regionalized subdomain: A

  ELB load balancers: A | AAAA

  Amazon S3 buckets: A

  Another resource record set in this hosted zone: Specify the type of

the resource record set for which you're creating the alias. Specify any value except NS or SOA.