The resource record cache time to live (TTL), in seconds. Note the following:

If you're creating an alias resource record set, omit TTL. Amazon Route

53 uses the value of TTL for the alias target.

If you're associating this resource record set with a health check (if

you're adding a HealthCheckId element), we recommend that you specify a TTL of 60 seconds or less so clients respond quickly to changes in health status.

All of the resource record sets in a group of weighted, latency, geolocation,

or failover resource record sets must have the same value for TTL.

If a group of weighted resource record sets includes one or more weighted

alias resource record sets for which the alias target is an ELB load balancer, we recommend that you specify a TTL of 60 seconds for all of the non-alias weighted resource record sets that have the same name and type. Values other than 60 seconds (the TTL for load balancers) will change the effect of the values that you specify for Weight.