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Geo location resource record sets only: A complex type that lets you control how Amazon Route 53 responds to DNS queries based on the geographic origin of the query. For example, if you want all queries from Africa to be routed to a web server with an IP address of, create a resource record set with a Type of A and a ContinentCode of AF.

Creating geolocation and geolocation alias resource record sets in private

hosted zones is not supported.

If you create separate resource record sets for overlapping geographic

regions (for example, one resource record set for a continent and one for a country on the same continent), priority goes to the smallest geographic region. This allows you to route most queries for a continent to one resource and to route queries for a country on that continent to a different resource.

You cannot create two geolocation resource record sets that specify the same geographic location.

The value * in the CountryCode element matches all geographic locations that aren't specified in other geolocation resource record sets that have the same values for the Name and Type elements.

Geolocation works by mapping IP addresses to locations. However, some IP

addresses aren't mapped to geographic locations, so even if you create geolocation resource record sets that cover all seven continents, Amazon Route 53 will receive some DNS queries from locations that it can't identify. We recommend that you create a resource record set for which the value of CountryCode is *, which handles both queries that come from locations for which you haven't created geolocation resource record sets and queries from IP addresses that aren't mapped to a location. If you don't create a * resource record set, Amazon Route 53 returns a "no answer" response for queries from those locations.

You cannot create non-geolocation resource record sets that have the same

values for the Name and Type elements as geolocation resource record sets.

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