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type ListTrafficPolicyInstancesByPolicyInput

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A complex type that contains the information about the request to list your traffic policy instances.

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	FullyQualifiedDomainName *string `type:"string"`

	// The number of child health checks that are associated with a CALCULATED health
	// that Amazon Route 53 must consider healthy for the CALCULATED health check
	// to be considered healthy. To specify the child health checks that you want
	// to associate with a CALCULATED health check, use the HealthCheckConfig$ChildHealthChecks
	// and HealthCheckConfig$ChildHealthChecks elements.
	// Note the following:
	//   If you specify a number greater than the number of child health checks,
	// Amazon Route 53 always considers this health check to be unhealthy.
	//   If you specify 0, Amazon Route 53 always considers this health check to
	// be healthy.
	HealthThreshold *int64 `type:"integer"`

	// The IPv4 IP address of the endpoint on which you want Amazon Route 53 to
	// perform health checks. If you don't specify a value for IPAddress, Amazon
	// Route 53 sends a DNS request to resolve the domain name that you specify
	// in FullyQualifiedDomainName at the interval that you specify in RequestInterval.
	// Using an IP address that DNS returns, Amazon Route 53 then checks the health
	// of the endpoint.
	// If the endpoint is an Amazon EC2 instance, we recommend that you create
	// an Elastic IP address, associate it with your Amazon EC2 instance, and specify
	// the Elastic IP address for IPAddress. This ensures that the IP address of
	// your instance will never change.
	// For more information, see HealthCheckConfig$FullyQualifiedDomainName.
	// Contraints: Amazon Route 53 cannot check the health of endpoints for which
	// the IP address is in local, private, non-routable, or multicast ranges. For
	// more information about IP addresses for which you cannot create health checks,
	// see RFC 5735, Special Use IPv4 Addresses (
	// and RFC 6598, IANA-Reserved IPv4 Prefix for Shared Address Space (
	// When the value of Type is CALCULATED or CLOUDWATCH_METRIC, omit IPAddress.
	IPAddress *string `type:"string"`

	// When CloudWatch has insufficient data about the metric to determine the alarm
	// state, the status that you want Amazon Route 53 to assign to the health check:
	//    Healthy: Amazon Route 53 considers the health check to be healthy.
	//    Unhealthy: Amazon Route 53 considers the health check to be unhealthy.
	//    LastKnownStatus: Amazon Route 53uses the status of the health check from
	// the last time CloudWatch had sufficient data to determine the alarm state.
	// For new health checks that have no last known status, the default status
	// for the health check is healthy.
	InsufficientDataHealthStatus *string `type:"string" enum:"InsufficientDataHealthStatus"`

	// Specify whether you want Amazon Route 53 to invert the status of a health
	// check, for example, to consider a health check unhealthy when it otherwise